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A Perfect Day
(A Perfect Day)



A “perfect” day in Beirut and in Malek’s life. Malek is a young man who is overprotected by his mother Claudia.She can’t come to terms with her husband’s disappearance fifteen years earlier during the Lebanese civil war.Today Malek and his mother are about to declare the missing man officially dead. The young man suffers from sleep apnea: he stops breathing as soon as he stops moving; he dozes, then falls asleep. He tries to be less offbeat and more in phase with the others, with the city, with his mother and, above all, with Zeina, the woman he is in love with and who doesn’t want to see him any more. Obsessed with his love for her, Malek goes looking for the young woman: he follows her, loses her and finds her again in the city…

  • Titre français
    Un jour parfait
  • Original title
    A Perfect Day
  • Titre international
    A Perfect Day
  • Scénario
    Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige
  • Photo
    Jeanne Lapoirie
  • Montage
    Tina Baz , Le Gal
  • Son
    Guillaume Le Braz, Sylvain Malbran, Olivier Gionard
  • Musique
    Scrambled Eggs, Soap Kills
  • Interprétation
    Ziad Saad, Julia Kassar, Alexandra Kahwagi

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