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Le vagabond de Tokyo
(Tôkyô Nagaremono)

by Seijun SUZUKI

tokyo drifter_3

Tetsuya Watari stars as reformed yakuza assassin Tetsu, a man with dead-aim (and the ability to make a powder-blue suit and white shoes look menacing). In the face of double-crosses, shootouts, and former rival gangs that just won’t let him retire, stoic Tetsu remains unflinchingly loyal to his code of honor. Touting a killer soundtrack and stringently observed masculinity, this winner from Nikkatsu master provocateur Seijun Suzuki bleeds copious amounts of cool. With Hideaki Nitani.

  • Titre français
    Le vagabond de Tokyo
  • Original title
    Tôkyô Nagaremono
  • Photo
    Shigeyoshi Mine
  • Musique
    Hajime Kaburagi
  • Interprétation
    Tetsuya Watari, Matsubara, Tamio Kawashi, Hideaki Nitani,
  • Ventes internationales

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