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The Warped Ones
(Kyônetsu no kisetsu)

by Koreyoshi KURAHARA


Released from juvenile hall, a bare-chested, bohemian ne’er-do-well goes on a vindictive rampage. His new freedom spans bebop (Max Roach worked on the score), the mockery of bourgeois values, frankly rough sexuality, and rage infused with gangsterism. Reminiscent of Godard and Antonioni, Director Kurahara’s innovative camerawork expresses his characters’ spiritual claustrophobia while capturing an unbounded youthful madness that is as immediate, remarkable, and ultimately ephemeral as the rippling muscles gracing the protagonist’s naked back.


  • Titre français
    The Warped Ones
  • Original title
    Kyônetsu no kisetsu
  • Scénario
    Nobuo Yamada
  • Photo
    Yoshio Mamiya
  • Son
    Tsuneo Furuyama
  • Musique
    Toshiro Mayuzumi
  • Interprétation
    Tamio Kawachi, Eiji Go, Yuko Chishiro, Noriko Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Nagato, Chico Rolland
  • Ventes internationales
  • Sous-titrage

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