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The Last Lumberjacks – Timber Gang
(Mu gang )

by YU Guangyi

The Last Lumberkacks by Yu Guangyi

Born in 1961, former soldier and printer, the first time Yu touched a camera was three years ago. He then decides to film, with a digital camera and long shot, Lumberjack disinheriting his native province, Heilongjiang, in northeast China. In a snowy landscape, with their small horses and sleighs, they lug huge tree trunks. The film follows for the last time these lumberjacks in silence, non-dialogues come to interrupt this 90-minute, portrait of their tough lives in this place of snow and ice, where they eat, drink wine and sleep together. From time to time the lumberjacks are engaged in a ritual aimed to appease the gods of the mountain. This will be the last time they will take part in this disappearing working and living style before leaving definitively to look for a new job in town.

  • Titre français
    The Last Lumberjacks – Timber Gang
  • Original title
    Mu gang
  • Ventes internationales
    Zhang Yaxuan :

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