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The Blood of the Condor
(Yawar mallku)


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The leader of a small peasant community becomes suspicions when notices a sudden decrease in the birth rate of lois village. He investigates the matter and discovers that a group of American doctors from the Peace Corps are sterilizing certain women from the village without their consent. This method is actually applied today in Puerto Rico in order to lower the social costs of certain population.

  • Titre français
    The Blood of the Condor
  • Original title
    Yawar mallku
  • Titre international
    The Blood of the Condor
  • Scénario
    Jorge Sanjines, Oscar Soria
  • Photo
    Antonio Eguino
  • Montage
    Jorge Sanjines
  • Interprétation
    Marcelino Yanahuaya, Benedicta Huanca, Vicente Salinas
  • Production
    Ukamau Limitada
  • Sous-titrage

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