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Corumbiara : They Shoot Indias, Don't They ?

by Vincent CARELLI


Twenty-five years ago, the anthropologist and filmmaker Vincent Carelli, filmed a group of isolated Indians persecuted by ranchers who were bending the law to hunt – and even kill – these indigenous people simply to expand their land and make a profit. Carelli follows Marcelo, who is in charge of locating the Indians, and takes part in a real search for evidence of the massacres so as to bring the guilty to court. This desire for justice gives rise to a real investigative film built around an anthropological encounter with the Canoe tribe. For the Indians themselves, the film project turns into a way of surveying their territory in an almost desperate attempt to become the archaeologists of their own people.


  • Titre français
  • Original title
  • Titre international
    Corumbiara : They Shoot Indias, Don't They ?
  • Photo
    Vincent Carelli
  • Montage
    Mari Corrêa
  • Son
    Beto Ricardo
  • Production
    Video nas Aldeias
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    Video nas Aldeias :
  • Support de projection
    Blu Ray
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