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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Samira's Garden
(Les jardins de Samira)

by Latif LAHLOU


Marriage has become Samira’s reason for living. Her father has managed to find her a husband, a widowed farmer without any children. Samira soon discovers that her husband is impotent. He has in fact married her to conform to social conventions and to find a nurse to help his nephew Farouk to take care of his father. Her husband’s lack of affection and sexual interest become unbearable for Samira and, in order to remain a woman and resist the complete loss of meaning that her marriage implies, she is obliged to fill this void with fantasies.

  • Titre français
    Les jardins de Samira
  • Original title
    Les jardins de Samira
  • Titre international
    Samira's Garden
  • Scénario
    Latif Lahlou
  • Photo
    Nicolas Massart
  • Montage
    Njoud Jaddad

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