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Taipei Story
(Qingmei zhuma)

by Edward YANG


In Edward Yang’s second feature film, should we be surprised to find Hou Hsiao-hsien – who also worked on the scenario – playing a character so close to those he stages in his own films? From beginning to end, Taipei Story is run through by a deep unspoken discord that impacts the characters at every level of their existence, be it private, professional or social. Their separated lives then take indecisive, vacillating and contradictory paths, and Taiwanese cinema doubtless finds in this film by Edward Yang its most Antonionian leaning. A former baseball player now at a loose end drifts away from his girlfriend, who is devoted to her work but soon finds herself unemployed. JB

  • Titre français
    Taipei Story
  • Original title
    Qingmei zhuma
  • Titre international
    Taipei Story
  • Scénario
    CHU Tien-wen, HOU Hsiao-hsien, Edward YANG
  • Photo
    YANG Weihan
  • Montage
    WANG Jiyang, SONG Fanzhe
  • Son
    TU Duu-chih
  • Interprétation
    CAI Qin, HOU Xiaoxian, WU Nianzhen, LIN Hsiu-ling, HOU Hsiao-hsien, TSAI Chin
  • Production
    Ever green film company
  • Distribution
  • Support de projection
  • Ratio

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