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Sleepless Night
(Jam mot deuneun bam)

by JANG Kun-jae


Two years into their marriage, a couple in their thirties is wondering whether to have a baby. A rather scant plot? So it seems – and the Sleepless Night couple would dearly like to flesh it out themselves. But their different working hours and low incomes pose a threat to their intimacy. Eating, making love… their married life is running smoothly, but what they lack is the ability to build, to escape from the happy but unsatisfying repetitiveness of their love. With immense gentleness, Jang Kun-jae interweaves the couple’s questions and the conversations between the wife and her mother, the husband and his boss. Their intimacy is trampled on by all around, as if the couple’s social vulnerability justified such intrusions. What should we give, what should we abandon to the other, to others? Discreetly, one summer night, lives to come are taking shape. CG

  • Titre français
    Sleepless Night
  • Original title
    Jam mot deuneun bam
  • Titre international
    Sleepless Night
  • Scénario
    Jang Kun-jae
  • Photo
    Kim Byeong-soo
  • Montage
    Jang Kun-jae, Lee Yeon-jeong
  • Son
    PARK Song-Yeol
  • Musique
    KIM Dong-Wook
  • Interprétation
    Kim Ju-Ryoung, Kim Soo-hyeon
  • Production
  • Producteur délégué
    Kim Woo-ri
  • Ventes internationales
  • Support de projection
    HD CAM
  • Sous-titrage
    VOST électronique
  • Ratio

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