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Without Samson, Nor Delilah
(Nem Sansao Nem Dalila)

by Carlos MANGA

Horacio, a barber, bumps into a house with his jeep and leaves 1953 Rio de Janeiro to find himself in the Kingdom of Gaza in 1153 B.C. It seems the jeep hit Professor Incognitus’ machine which triggered this journey through time. In a beauty parlour, Horacio works as a barber with Delilah and Miriam, the manicurists. While shaving colourful Chico Samsão, Horacio touches his hair which is in fact a wig. A fight starts and then continues in the jeep parked outside the parlour. Disorientated, the car starts moving in time and space…

  • Titre français
    Sans Samson ni Dalila
  • Original title
    Nem Sansao Nem Dalila
  • Titre international
    Without Samson, Nor Delilah
  • Scénario
    Victor Lima
  • Photo
    Amleto Daissé
  • Montage
    Waldemar Noya, Carlos Manga
  • Son
    Aloisio Viana
  • Musique
    Lirio Panicalli, Luiz Bonfà
  • Interprétation
    Oscarito, Fada Santoro, Cyll Farney, Eliana Macedo, Carlos Cotrim, Wilson Grey, Wilson Viana, Ricardo Luna, Anthony Zamborsky, Sergio de Oliveira, Werner Hammer, Gene de Marco, Joao Pericles, Milton Leal, Carlos Mesmik, José do Patrocinio, Jorge Luiz, Silveira Lima, Hélio Celano, Maria Helena, Selma Durval
  • Production

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