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Buddha Bless America
(Taiping Tienkuo)

by Nien-jen WU

In the late 1960s, life in a coastal village in southern Taiwan is still that of a traditional agricultural society. Ex-teacher LinWen-sheng (“Brain”) is the only resourceful man of the village ; his younger brother has had his right hand crushed in a Japanese factory. One day, in a magazine, ‘Brain”finds an article on microsurgery. He tells his brother that American technology might one day help fix his fingers. Days later, the villagers are told that a US/Taiwanese joint military maneuver will take place in the area. “Brain” is asked by the government to use his influence to persuade villagers to cooperate. A bar moves in for future GI business. With fields razed and crops trampled before their very eyes, the villagers turn their anger on “Brain”. They retaliate by stealing US army supplies and resell them to the owner of the bar. Feeling insulted, “Brain” swears to steal something big to regain his reputation among the villagers. With his brother’s help, he steals two big metal chests but finds two dead American soldiers inside.

  • Titre français
    Que Bouddha bénisse l’Amérique
  • Original title
    Taiping Tienkuo
  • Titre international
    Buddha Bless America
  • Scénario
    Wu Nien-jen
  • Photo
    Lee Ping-bin
  • Montage
    Chen Bo-wen
  • Son
    Tu Du-che Tang Hsiang-chu
  • Musique
    Jiang Hsiao-wen
  • Interprétation
    Lin Cheng-sheng, Chiang Shu-na, Yang Tzong-hsien, Lee Hsin-tzong, Bai Ming-hwa, Wu Ten-luo, Lee Bing-huei, Lee Yong-feng, Peter Yung-teh Hsu
  • Production
    Unique Entertainment CO,

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