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Puntos suspensivos o Esperando a los bárbaros
(Puntos suspensivos o Esperando a los bárbaros)



A symptom, a thesis, a prophecy. Certainly, Cozarinsky no longer recognises himself in this audio-visual magma and chaos filled with the now outdated discourses that ran through the cultural and political life of Argentina in the 1970s. The Argentine spectator will easily recognise the ideological tensions of the time. In this expressionist portrait, which shuns an understandable sequencing of its narrative, a reactionary priest submits to the seduction of barbarity (the Left, homosexuality, nature). He is less of an individual and more a conceptual character, a point of convergence for the debates of the times, whom we find again in several sequences filmed in the streets of Buenos Aires. RK

  • Titre français
    Puntos suspensivos o Esperando a los bárbaros
  • Original title
    Puntos suspensivos o Esperando a los bárbaros
  • Scénario
    Edgardo COZARINSKY
  • Photo
    Carlos SORÍN
  • Cadre
    Néstor UMAN, Roberto FREIRE
  • Montage
    Alberto YACCELINI
  • Assistant réalisateur
    Graciela HERICOURT
  • Son
    Bebe KARMIN, Edgardo KLEINMAN
  • Interprétation
    Jorge ÁLVAREZ, Marcia MORETTO, Roberto VILLANUEVA, Marilú MARINI, Ernesto SCHÓO
  • Directeur de production
    Edgardo COZARINSKY, Enrique GIORDANO
  • Print
    Fernando Martín Peña :
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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