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L’empire de la passion
(Ai no borei)

by Nagisa OSHIMA


Seki is nearing fifty and lives a calm, peaceful life in a small, snowy and equally peaceful Japanese village with her husband Gisaburo. Until the day Toyoji, a man aged 20 years younger than her, causes her to commit adultery more or less willingly. Then, in order to make the most of their newfound love, they have to get rid of Gisaburo…

  • Titre français
    L’empire de la passion
  • Original title
    Ai no borei
  • Scénario
    Nagisa Oshima
  • Photo
    Yoshio Miyajima
  • Montage
    Toru Takemitsu
  • Son
    Tetsuo Yasuda
  • Interprétation
    Yoshiyuki Kazuko, Fuji Tasuya
  • Production
    Argos flms (Paris), Oshima productions (Tokyo)
  • Sous-titrage

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