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Puisque nous sommes nés
(Puisque nous sommes nés)

by Jean-Pierre DURET & Andréa SANTANA


In a servicestation in the Nordeste of Brazil, two teenagers, Nego and Cocada, are looking for work by all possible means. Between hope and disillusion, they are bent finding a meaning to life.

Very close to the characters they film, yet highly discreet, the duo Duret and Santana show us reality with a lucidity that precludes any pity or excessive pessimism. It is by facing the complicated situations and questionings of their characters that they come close the heart (of the problems) and to a poverty that no right-minded thinking can ever really fully understand and above all think through. Nego and Cocada are watching us as much as the filmmakers concentrate on constructing a film about a roadside world.


  • Titre français
    Puisque nous sommes nés
  • Original title
    Puisque nous sommes nés
  • Photo
    Jean-Pierre Duret et Andréa Santana
  • Montage
    Catherine Rascon
  • Son
    Jean-Pierre Duret et Andréa Santana, Romain Dymny
  • Musique
    Martin Wheeler
  • Producteur délégué
    Muriel Meynard, Jamel Debbouze
  • Distribution
    Documentaire sur grand écran :
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio

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