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Vasfiye is her name
(Adi Vasfiye)

by Atif YILMAZ

A young writer looking for something to write about walks through the streets of Izmir one morning. He sees a poster of a woman singer, and just as he wonders who this woman really could be, a man approaches and starts telling him about her lige story. Right in the middle of his narration, he disappears, soon replaced by another man, who knows the woman too. Four men will eventually make Vasfiye’s life story complete, seen from different points of view. Does she really exist ? Or is she in fact a figment of the writer’s fertile imagination ?

  • Titre français
    Prénom Vasfiye
  • Original title
    Adi Vasfiye
  • Titre international
    Vasfiye is her name
  • Scénario
    Necati Cumali, Baris Pirhasan
  • Photo
    Orhan Oguz
  • Montage
    Sahin Kaygun
  • Musique
    Atilla Özdemiroglu
  • Interprétation
    Müjde Ar, Aytaç Arman, Macit Koper, Yilmaz Zafer, Levent Yilmaz, Erol Durak
  • Production
    Estet Film

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