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Avenge but one of my two eyes
(Nekam achat mishtey eynay)


1 seul

From the myths of Samson and Massada, the younger Israeli generations learn that death is preferable to domination.Today, as the second Intifada is raging, the Palestinians are constantly humiliated by the Israeli army: peasant are kept from ploughing their fields, children on their way back from school are stranded at checkpoints for hours, an old woman can’t even go back home… Exhausted, these people voice their anger and despair, just as the Jews did with the Romans or Samson with the Philistines.

  • Titre français
    Pour un seul de mes deux yeux
  • Original title
    Nekam achat mishtey eynay
  • Titre international
    Avenge but one of my two eyes
  • Scénario
    Avi Mograbi
  • Photo
    Philippe Bellaïche
  • Montage
    Avi Mograbi, Eva Lenkiewicz
  • Son
    Avi Mograbi
  • Interprétation
    Shredi Jabarin

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