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Love Trap
(Cam bây Tinh)

by PHAM Loc

Thanh and Quy, who were friends during the resistance against the French colonialists on the Diên Biên Phû front, are reunited after the 1954 war in Hanoi where Quy and his wife Hue are looking for a flat and work. Thanh lives in the mansion left behind by his father, a Hanoi intellectual settled in France; he invites the couple to live with him. Quy has his trunk delivered but it’s too large and can’t go through the main gate. Quy demolishes the gate without telling his friend. When Thanh comes back, he complains and asks Quy to fix it. From then on, the couple starts looking for a new flat with the help of the housing service which informs them on property and residents’ rights. Because of Quy’s presence in Thanh’s flat, Thanh does not have to hand over his house to the State. Yet Thanh’s family belongs to the bourgeois intelligentsia. Quy now starts thinking  that Thanh should be grateful to him and not the other way round.

  • Titre français
    Piège d’amour
  • Original title
    Cam bây Tinh
  • Titre international
    Love Trap
  • Scénario
    Pham Loc
  • Photo
    Phi Tien Son
  • Son
    Dao Duc Bien
  • Musique
    Pho Duc Phuong
  • Interprétation
    Le Khanh, Hong Son, Tran Luc, Tat Binh.
  • Sous-titrage

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