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Er Woo Dong, a free woman
(O U-dong)

by LEE Chang-ho

Er Woo Dong is a young woman during the feudal era of the Yi dinasty. She is rejected by her family, considered a failure as a daughter in law because she is barren. Born into a world where men rule with an absolute authority, she becomes an outcast. Thanks to her beauty and intelligence, she is able to live very freely often at the expense of the men who cross her path.

  • Titre français
    O U-dong, une femme libre
  • Original title
    O U-dong
  • Titre international
    Er Woo Dong, a free woman
  • Scénario
    Lee Hyun-hwa
  • Interprétation
    Lee Bo-hee, Ahn Seong-ki
  • Production
    Tai-Heung Production Co. Ltd.

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