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Wedding in Galilee
(Urs Fi Al-jalil)

by Michel KHLEIFI

For four months now, martial law has been imposed on an Arab Palestinian village following some violent demonstrations.The Mukhtar, chief of the village, asks the Israeli military Governor for authority to marry his son in great pomp, and thus to momentarily lift martial law. The Governor hesitates for fear that the wedding tums into political rioting, but finally accepts on condition that the wedding lasts only twenty-four hours and that he and his officers be the guests of honour. The Mukhtar accepts because for him even the enemy must be tolerated when there is a feast, wedding or wake. When he returns to the village, the Mukhtar tries to convince the inhabitants of his decision, for they react differently to the invitation. He thus has to rally their support for his dream to marry his son.

  • Titre français
    Noce en Galilée
  • Original title
    Urs Fi Al-jalil
  • Titre international
    Wedding in Galilee
  • Scénario
    Michel Khleifi
  • Photo
    Walther Van den Ende
  • Interprétation
    Ali M. El-Akili, Bushra Karaman, Makram Khouri, Youssef Abou Warda, Anna Achdian, Nazih Aklef
  • Production
    Marisa Films (Bruxelles), L.P.A (Paris)

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