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My Best Enemy
(Mi mejor enemigo)

by Alex Bowen CARRANZA

mejor enemigo

December 1978. Chile and Argentina are about to engage on an armed confrontation on their southern border. In Patagonia, a Chilean platoon accidentally break their compass and lose themselves in the vastness of the pampa. They dig their trenches somewhere without knowing whether they are  in Chile or Argentina. A long waiting starts that is going to be interrupted by an Argentinean platoon deployed in front of them. Both platoons are now waiting for the war to start. But from the tense wait, friendship unites human beings that had so far been enemies…

  • Titre français
    Mon meilleur ennemi
  • Original title
    Mi mejor enemigo
  • Titre international
    My Best Enemy
  • Scénario
    Julio Rojas, Paula del Fierro
  • Photo
    José María Hermo
  • Montage
    Danielle Fillios
  • Son
  • Musique
    Tobar & Miranda
  • Interprétation
    Erto Pantoja, Nicolás Saavedra, Pablo Valledor, Víctor Montero, Miguel Dedovich, Jorge Román, Diego Quiroz, Emiliano Ramos

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