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Mad Mad Mad Swords
(Shen jing dao)

by WANG Tianlin

Li Chung Lung, head of the Green Wall School, has five students including the handsome Chen Che Yuen who is his favorite. The oldest disciple aspires to succeed Li and to gain his daughter Li Chu’s hand. In order to achieve this, he drinks a magic potion which kills him.

Following the accidentai death of three other disciples, the head dies of grief. Becoming an unexpected head of the school, Che Yuen proposes to Li Chu. But she suggests he first make a name for himself. Che Yuen sets off with his servant Hsing Erh practicing wandering chivalry. In a village inn, they put two bandits out of the fight. The landlady Wan Jen Mi, a merry widow, and her servant Chun Yen fall instantly in love for the two heroes. Che Yuen then defeats the One-Armed Knight, the Blind Knight and bandit Diao Chen Nan. With extraordinary luck, he has his best fight when he manages to defeat swords champion Ling Yun Hsiao.

  • Titre français
    Mad Mad Mad Swords
  • Original title
    Shen jing dao
  • Titre international
    Mad Mad Mad Swords
  • Scénario
    Wang Liuzhao
  • Photo
    Huang Yiping
  • Montage
    Wang Zhaoxi
  • Musique
    Zhou Lanping
  • Interprétation
    Tian Qing, Qin Yun, Meng Li, Zhu Mu, Zhang Chong, Chen Hao
  • Production
    Zhu Guoliang, Cathay
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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