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My Voice
(Nha Fala)

by Flora GOMES

Before leaving for Europe to study, Vita, a young African woman, promises her mother that she will never sing. A family legend has it that any woman in her family who sings is cursed and will die. In Paris, Vita falls in love with Pierre, a young musician. Full of joy, she allows herself to sing. Vita is horrified by what she has done, but Pierre, overwhelmed by her talent, convinces her to cut a record. The record is an overnight success. Fearing her mother will learn that she broke her vow, Vita decides to return home… to die! With Pierre’s help, Vita stages her own death and resurrection, showing family and friends that anything is possible, if you have the courage to dare.

  • Titre français
    Ma voix
  • Original title
    Nha Fala
  • Titre international
    My Voice
  • Scénario
    Flora Gomes, Franck Moisnard
  • Photo
    Edgar Moura
  • Montage
    Dominique Paris
  • Son
    Pierre Donnadieu
  • Musique
    Manu Di Bango
  • Interprétation
    Fatou N'Diaye, Jean-Christophe Dollé, Angelo Torres, Bia Gomes, Jorge Biague, Carlos Imbombo, Danielle Evenou, François Hadji-Lazaro
  • Production
    Fado Films, Les films de mai, Samsa film
  • Sous-titrage

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