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46th edition
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My Dear Poor Mother
(Pobre mi madre querida)

by Homero MANZI & Ralph PAPPIER

An old female beggar stops in front of a warehouse at La Boca. Seeing this place again takes her back to around 1890 when she used to work here witb her only son. Seduced by a prostitute, the young man leaves his girlfriend and his job to indulge in a debauched way of life. Back from a long journey, he finds out that the woman he loves married his best friend. His mother stops him from betraying his friend. As he is about to leave again, the jealous husband (whose sister bas just committed suicide) kills him… Broken-hearted by such memories, the old woman goes away, followed by her dogs.

  • Titre français
    Ma pauvre mère chérie
  • Original title
    Pobre mi madre querida
  • Titre international
    My Dear Poor Mother
  • Scénario
    Homero Manzi
  • Photo
    Bob Roberts
  • Montage
    Nicolas Prosperio, José Gallego
  • Son
    Ramon Ator
  • Musique
    Alejandro Guitterez del Barrio
  • Interprétation
    Hugo del Carri, Emma Gramatica, Aida Luz, Graciela Lecube, Horacio Priani, Maria Esther Buschioazzo, Leticia Scurry
  • Production
    Studios San Miguel

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