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The Island of Lost Children
(La isla de los ninos perdidos)

by Florence JAUGEY

They are twenty years of age. They got their  education from the street and graduated in jail. They have been immersed in violence since early childhood. They killed, stole and assaulted, doing it without qualms. Today they are in jail and regret their past actions for they are now paying a heavy price, sometimes up to thirty years in prison.

  • Titre français
    L’île des enfants perdus
  • Original title
    La isla de los ninos perdidos
  • Titre international
    The Island of Lost Children
  • Scénario
    Florence Jaugey
  • Photo
    Frank Pinada
  • Montage
    Gerardo Arce
  • Son
    Armando Moreira
  • Musique
    Engel Ortega

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