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The Tears of Yangzi
(Yijiang Chunshui Xiang Dong Liu)

by CAI Chusheng

Film in two parts. “Away from the War” and “Darkness and Light”.  Shanghai, 1936. A patriotic fair is going on in the small theatre of a textile factory. A young and brilliant progressive, Zhang Zhengliang, appeals to bosses and worker’s generosity in favour of young volunteers on their way to the front. The answer is enthusiastic. Left alone by themselves, the professor and worker Su Fen call the moon to witness their love and promise each other endless faithfulness. A child is born from this union, Kang-Sheng “son of the resistance”. War is declared and Shanghai is attacked. Zhang collects winter clothes for the army. On that occasion he meets, Wang Lichen again, the sister-in-law of the factory boss, a selfish and shallow woman, who shows a great deal of interest in the young man.

  • Titre français
    Les Larmes du Yangzi
  • Original title
    Yijiang Chunshui Xiang Dong Liu
  • Titre international
    The Tears of Yangzi
  • Scénario
    Cai Chusheng, Zheng Junli
  • Photo
    Wu Weiyun, Zhu Jinming, Shen Xilin
  • Montage
    Wu Tingfang
  • Musique
    Zhang Zhenfan
  • Interprétation
    Bai Yang, Tao Jin, Shu Xiuwen, Zhou Boxun, Shangguan Yunzhu, Wu Yin, Gao Zheng, Qin Xialong

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