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A Magician's Adventures
(Moshuqi de Qiyu)

by SANG Hu

Twenty-five years ago, Meijuan, magician Lu Huanqi’s wife, was performing in a theatre under the greedy eyes of a top civil servant. To win Meijuan’s favour, the man pretended that the couple’s magic gun was a real weapon and started blackmailing them. Meijuan was driven to suicide, while Lu Huanqi went abroad after entrusting their son Amao, who was only a few months old, to an actor friend. After the Liberation, back in China, the magician looks for his child. A series of adventures are in store for him.

  • Titre français
    Les Aventures d’un magicien
  • Original title
    Moshuqi de Qiyu
  • Titre international
    A Magician's Adventures
  • Scénario
    Wang Lian, Chen Gongmin, Sang Hu
  • Photo
    Zha Xiangkang
  • Interprétation
    Chen Qiang, Han Cheng Zhi, Sun Jinlu, Gu Jianping, Shi Yuan, Shi Jiufeng
  • Production
    Studios Tianma

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