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The King of Masks
(Bian Lian)

by Tian-Ming WU

Sichuan Province, early 20th century. The King ofMasks is an elderly street performer, a master of the Sichuan opera art of changing masks so fast that it seems to be magic. His only son died some time ago and he is a lonely man who desires an heir not just for himself but for his art. According to the tradition, the art must be passed on to a direct maie heir.
At a time of great famines and social disruption, many poor families are forced to sell their children to stay alive. The King of Masks discovers a cute and lively boy for sale and takes him home. The boy is thrilled and offers the Kings of Masks the straightforward affection the old man had been craving for. But soon the King of Masks makes an amazing discovery…

  • Titre français
    Le Roi des masques
  • Original title
    Bian Lian
  • Titre international
    The King of Masks
  • Scénario
    Wei Minlung d'après une nouvelle de Chan Mankwai
  • Photo
    Mu Dayuan
  • Musique
    Zhao Jiping
  • Interprétation
    Chu Yuk, Chao Yim Yim, Zhang Riuyang, Zhao Zhigang
  • Production
    Shaw Brothers
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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