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Lebanon - No Matter What
(Loubnan roughma koula chai)

by André GEDEON

This is the story of Joumana whose father, an industrialist, lost his factory just at the outset of the war and whose mother is stuck in West Beirut, when the tragedy starts. Joumana takes shelter in the old family house in the countryside with her father and her aunt, as their Beirut house is now in the war zone.

  • Titre français
    Le Liban malgré tout
  • Original title
    Loubnan roughma koula chai
  • Titre international
    Lebanon - No Matter What
  • Scénario
    André Gédéon
  • Interprétation
    Raymond Gebara, Rida Khoury, Antoine Moultaka, Rifaat Tarabey, Ward El-Khal
  • Production
    Commission épiscopale pour les moyens de communication sociale

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