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The Descendant of the Snow Leopard
(Potomok Belogo Barsa)

by Tolomouch OKEEV


A long time ago, when the life of individuals and of the whole tribe depended on nature, courage and strength were the most prized human qualities. Kozhazhash the hunter, the hero of many popular Kirghiz tales and legends, had such qualities which made him lucky. People respected him very much and chose him as their leader. Then came the year of the big drought which ruined the fields; the animals went back to the mountains and the men suffered from hunger. Moved by despair, people ignored the laws of nature and betrayed their elders’ customs. They started to kill the animals at their waterholes. Cruelty, treachery and revenge do not contribute to mankind’s happiness.

  • Titre français
    Le Descendant du léopard des neiges
  • Original title
    Potomok Belogo Barsa
  • Titre international
    The Descendant of the Snow Leopard
  • Scénario
    Mar Baidjiev,Tolomouch Okeev
  • Photo
    Nourtaï Borblev
  • Montage
    R. Scherschnewa
  • Musique
    Mourat Begaliev
  • Interprétation
    Doktourbek Kydyraliev, Achir Tchokoubaiev, Aliman Djankorozova, Marat Djantellev, Doskhan Joljakzynov

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