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Las Cuarentas

by Victor VEGA

Las cuarentas

In the 1970s and for many years after due to his influence, teaching and interest in youth, Victor Vega was a key figure in the history of Costa Rican cinema. Made almost one after the other, Puerto Limón (the main port city on the country’s Atlantic coast) and Las Cuarentas offer a glimpse of his work and his commitment to scrupulously address the country’s human and social reality, which launched into a new phase of sweeping reform under President Daniel Oduber Quirós to improve the living conditions of the Costa Rican people. The last movement of Puerto Limón, where the filmmaker focuses on the life of the port’s prostitutes, creates a suspension point that foreshadows Las Cuarentas. JB

  • Titre français
    Las Cuarentas
  • Photo
    Victor Vega
  • Montage
    Victor Vega
  • Sous-titrage

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