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The Greatest Civil War on Earth
(Nan bei he)

by WANG Tianlin

la plus grande

Li Sibao, a Northern Chinese, opens a swanky tailor shop next to the old-fashioned tailor shop of Zhang Sanbo, a Cantonese. The contrast in culture annoys Zhang and Li so much that they forbid their kids to befriend people from each other’s dialect group. To make matters worse, when Li’s business almost drives him to bankruptcy he tries to borrow money and, much to his humiliation, the moneylender happens to be Zhang, who of course turns him down.

  • Titre français
    La plus grande guerre civile du monde
  • Original title
    Nan bei he
  • Titre international
    The Greatest Civil War on Earth
  • Interprétation
    Ting Hao, Bai Lu-ming, Kelly Lai Chen, Cheung Ching, Leung Sing-po, Lui En Jia

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