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La Mendiante et l’Homme au pousse-pousse
(Pengemis dan tukang becak)

by Wim UMBOH

Sri, an orphan girl, grew up as a servant in the home of Ratih who is the only daughter o fa wealthy family. Ratih reluctantly marries her boyfriend Joko because she is pregnant with his child. She gives birth to a daughter named Ajeng, but leaves the raising of Ajeng up to Sri. As a result, Ajeng loves Sri like a mother. One night, Sri barely escapes being raped by Joko. Ratih is made to believe that it was Sri who enticed Joko and throws Sri out of the house.
Sri takes Ajeng with her and sets out for Surabaya. Once there, she is helped by a rick-shaw man named Parto whom she had met by chance, and she lives a poor but happy life. But her whereabouts are discovered by Joko and he takes Ajeng, Sri and Parto back to Jakarta with him. But Sri and Ajeng lose sight of Parto in the crowded streets and are forced to live almost as beggars. Sri falls sick and ends up in a hospital. Ajeng is so ada- mant about remaining with Sri  that Ratih and Joko realize their mistake and agree to accept Sri back into their home where they all start living together again.

  • Titre français
    La Mendiante et l’Homme au pousse-pousse
  • Original title
    Pengemis dan tukang becak
  • Photo
    Lukman Hakim Nain
  • Musique
    Idris Sardi
  • Interprétation
    Christine Hakim, Dickey Zulkarnain, Ully Artha, Ajeng Triani Sardi, Alan Suryaningrat

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