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Bewitched Kisses
(Besos Brujos)

by José Agustín FERREYRA

After an argument with her fiancé, a female singer escapes to go and perform in a remote place in the Chaco province. A boorish peasant kidnaps her and holds her prisoner in the heart of the forest. Having left to find her, her fiancé is bitten by a snake while trying to free her. To save him, the young woman makes the peasant believe she loves him. As the latter has feelings for her, he frees the couple.

  • Titre français
    Baisers ensorcelés
  • Original title
    Besos Brujos
  • Titre international
    Bewitched Kisses
  • Scénario
    José Agustin Ferreyra d'après l'idée originale d'Enrique Garcia Velloso
  • Photo
    Gumer Barreiros
  • Montage
    Emilio Murua, Daniel Sposito
  • Son
    Alfredo Muria
  • Musique
    Alfredo Malerba, José Vazquez Vigo
  • Interprétation
    Libertad Lamarque, Floren Delbene, Sara Olmos, Carlos Perelli, Antonio Daglio, Morena Chiolo, Salvador Arcella, La Satanela
  • Production
    SIDE, Alfredo Muria

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