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Pulque song
(La Cancion del pulque)

by Everardo GONZALES

la chanson du pulque

A homage to all those who drink pulque, a fermented drink extracted from a plant, to ranchera music, to the barrio and to pulque itself. A portrait of daily life at the “La Pirata” and its inhabitants. The filmmaker follows the production process of pulque, a legendary drink dating back to pre-colonial times, and the religious ritual that still survives today (this film is the only audiovisual registration of the distiller’s prayer and song). Inside the pulquería, its patrons, the owners, the musicians talk about love, about life, about being in jail and about the disappearance of pulque.

  • Titre français
    La chanson du pulque
  • Original title
    La Cancion del pulque
  • Titre international
    Pulque song
  • Scénario
    Everardo González
  • Photo
    Everardo González
  • Montage
    Juan Manuel Figueroa
  • Son
    Matías Barberis, Yuri Laguna

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