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The school Master
(The School Master)


An elderly Engela relates how she discovered that she was not white but coloured in South Africa in 1948, the year when formalised apartheid was born. Her story reveals the contrast between the attractive young girl with everything to hope for and the old woman, defeated by factors over which she has no control.

  • Titre français
  • Original title
    The School Master
  • Titre international
    The school Master
  • Scénario
    Jean Delbeke, Danny Keogh, Wendy Morris
  • Photo
    Jean Delbeke
  • Son
    Mr Thain
  • Musique
    Nie Pickard
  • Interprétation
    Jùrgen Prochnow, Elsa Fourie, Lida Botha, Danny Keogh, Andrew Buckland, Arthur Mbambo, Ron France, Michelle Burgers, Wilson Dunster, Lynda Stewart, Robin Smith, PhillipMosoeu, Andrew Wilson, Gavin Goldwyer, Kwesi Kobus, Emil Aucamp, Dawle Maritz
  • Production
    Jùrgen Prochnow, Jean Delbeke

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