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L’héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle
(L'héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle)

by Nicolas KLOTZ & Elisabeth PERCEVAL


In the winter of 2016, the Calais Jungle [La Lande] was a new and fast-growing town and home to some 12,000 people. In early spring, the South zone, with its shops, streets and, dwellings, was totally destroyed. The expelled residents then moved their homes to the North zone, to find shelter and continue their lives. In autumn, the public authorities organised the Jungle’s final dismantling. But the Jungle is a mutant territory, a world-town, a town of the future; even when it is razed, it always rises again from its ashes.This film, over three and a half hours long, is formally demanding and humanly captivating. It assumes the choice of documenting the Calais camp through a prism other than that of the mainstream media, discovering its own, not overly drawn-out rhythm and its trajectory through an environment that the filmmakers discover as they film. ML

  • Titre français
    L’héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle
  • Original title
    L'héroïque Lande, la frontière brûle
  • Photo
    Nicolas Klotz
  • Son
    Elisabeth Perceval
  • Musique
    Ulysse Klotz
  • Production
  • Distribution
    Shellac :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage

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