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Jorge Amado in Cinema
(Jorge Amado no Cinema)

by Glauber ROCHA

This film was commissioned by Glauber Rocha to be shown on television as a special programme on the great Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. It mainly consist in an extremely affectionate conversation about all sorts of things, shot in the writer’s house in Salvador with his large family. Jorge Amado was also filmed in a bookshop during a signing session for one of his last novels. Finally, Rocha shot the premiere of Nelson Pereira dos Santos’s “Tenda dos Milagres” in a Salvador theatre, a film based on one of Amado’s most famous books, “The Tent of Miracles”.

  • Titre français
    Jorge Amado au cinéma
  • Original title
    Jorge Amado no Cinema
  • Titre international
    Jorge Amado in Cinema
  • Photo
    Walter CARVALHO
  • Montage
    Carlos COX
  • Interprétation
    Jorge AMADO, Zelia GATTAI, leur famille et amis, Calazans NETA, Glauber ROCHA
  • Production
  • Sous-titrage

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