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Je veux mourir avec toi
(Quiero morir contigo)

by Mario SOFFICI

je veux mourir avec toi

Despite its morbid title, which translates as I Want to Die with You, this Argentine production is a screwball comedy in the tradition of Carole Lombard, Melvyn Douglas and William Powell. Elisa Galvé and Angel Magiana play a constantly bickering young couple who decide that, if they can’t agree on anything, it’s ime to end it all. Galvé and Magiana draw up a suicide pact and prepare to do themselves in but are constantly interrupted by life’s little surprises.

  • Titre français
    Je veux mourir avec toi
  • Original title
    Quiero morir contigo
  • Photo
    Pablo Tabernero
  • Son
    Carlos Alberto Marín
  • Musique
    Lucio Demare
  • Interprétation
    Ángel Magaña Elisa Christian Galvé, José Olarra

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