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Iracema, a Transamazonian Affair
(Iracema, uma tranza amazönica)

by Orlando SENNA & Jorge BODANSKY


Tião Brasil Grande, a truck driver travelling on the Transamazonian highway, meets Iracema, an indigenous teenage girl. They travel together for a while, then he drops her off in a tiny village by the highway. One day Tião finds a toothless and sick Iracema in a third-class brothel. He refuses to take her on board his truck and leaves her to her sad fate in the middle the road.

  • Titre français
    Iracema, une liaison transamazonienne
  • Original title
    Iracema, uma tranza amazönica
  • Titre international
    Iracema, a Transamazonian Affair
  • Interprétation
    Edna de Cassia, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Conceição Senna, Rose Rodrigues, Natal

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