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Happy together
(Chunguang Zhaxie)

by WONG Kar-Wai

happy together

Two men, two lovers, leave their country, Hong Kong, to go and live in Argentina. They have only one aim, to see the Iguaçu falls. They separate while wandering in this foreign land. One will survive with odd jobs to maintain some sort of stability. He will also try new things, obsessed with Hong Kong. The other will have a more troubled life as a gigolo without ties. Lost.

They will meet again, trying to live together again. Looking for happiness together. But you can’t achieve this unless you’re happy within yourself.

  • Titre français
    Happy together
  • Original title
    Chunguang Zhaxie
  • Titre international
    Happy together
  • Scénario
    Wong Kar-wai
  • Photo
    Christopher Doyle
  • Montage
    William Chang, Wong Ming-lam
  • Son
    Tu Duu-chih
  • Musique
    Danny Chung
  • Interprétation
    Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, Chang Chen

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