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From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf
(From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf)


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Two men smile broadly into the camera, take a few dance steps, give each other a warm hug and act out a brawl to the sound of popular music. So begins From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf, a film that owes a large part of its originality to the heterogeneity of the images it weaves together: shots by Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran (from the CAMP artists’ collective) but also sequences filmed by the sailors themselves from their ship. The film offers an unusual representation of the lives of those who sail the oceans transporting goods from one country to another. Above all, the film develops a convincing proposal of what today’s cinema can be when it arranges amateur images into a fascinating and delightful documentary story. Charlène Dinhut

  • Titre françaisFrom Gulf to Gulf to Gulf
  • Original titleFrom Gulf to Gulf to Gulf
  • MontageSreya Chatterjee
  • SonAmala Popuri, Binil C. Amakkadu, Shantanu H. Akerkar
  • ProductionCAMP

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