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Stories about Lizards
(Historias de Lagartos)

by Juan Carlos BUSTAMANTE

The film is made up of three stories. In the first one, two friends are on the run. One of them is seriously injured. In the second story a runaway murderer takes shelter in a country house where he is mistaken for the long-lost son of the family. In the final part, an old man is reunited with the woman who had walked out on him.
The three stories have in common the quest for the origins of violence, of mental degradation and of the hopes that were once part of the country’s soul.

  • Titre français
    Histoires de lézards
  • Original title
    Historias de Lagartos
  • Titre international
    Stories about Lizards
  • Scénario
    Juan Carlos Bustamante
  • Photo
    Juan Carlos Bustamante
  • Montage
    Pedro Chaskel, Juan Carlos Bustamante
  • Musique
    Jaime de Aguirre
  • Interprétation
    José Soza, Roberto Espina, Gloria Barrera, Maria Lazo, Gonzalo Fabres, Alvaro Sepulveda, Mariana Prat, Oscar Zimmermann
  • Production
    Bustamante Producciones

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