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by Damien OUNOURI

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Damien Ounouri, a French-Algerian, renews ties with his great-uncle, El Hadi. During the Algerian War of Independence, this easy-going retiree had been a fidaï – a combatant in civil dress. His objective? “Weaken the enemy’s military potential”. He accompanies the young filmmaker to the sites of his undercover actions, including those in France, where as a member of an armed branch of the FLN (National Liberation Front), he was imprisoned and tortured. Ounouri overlaps official history with a personal history that his family had largely kept quiet – but how can one venture onto this “scorched terrain”? Going back and forth between the two countries (the filmmaker’s father, to whom Fidaï is dedicated, settled in Marseille), he creates a dialogue between the two languages: Ounouri asks his questions in French and El Hadi replies in Arabic. Their exchange, bridging the two worlds, serves as an opportunity to revisit France’s unresolved history with Algeria. CG

  • Titre françaisFidaï
  • Original titleFidaï
  • Titre internationalFidaï
  • ScénarioDamien Ounouri, Linda Amiri
  • PhotoMatthieu Laclau
  • MontageMary Stephen
  • SonLi Dan-Feng
  • MusiqueHouria Aichi, Alla, Smail Benhouhou, Youssef Dhafer, Hasna El Becharia
  • ProductionKafard Films, Xstream Pictures
  • Producteur déléguéAlexandre Singer, Mathieu Mullier
  • CoproductionXstream Pictures
  • Ventes internationalespascale@pascaleramonda.com
  • Support de projectionDCP
  • Sous-titrageVOSTF
  • Ratio1:85

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  • LES 3 CONTINENTS / 7 rue de l’Héronnière | BP 43302 | 44033 Nantes Cedex 1 | France | 02 40 69 74 14