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The last Trace
(La ultima huella)


la dernière trace

At the southernmost tip of the world, the “Yaganes” people used to survive and grow in one of the most hostile climates on the planet. Today, as it is almost entirely extinct, its oldest survivors, two sisters – Ursula and Cristina Calderon – take us on a journey through an ancestral language and their memories. What memory has in store is far from the reality of this world. This is a crucial historical testimony marked by the urgency of recording the last living voices of this southern hemisphere people.

  • Titre français
    La dernière trace
  • Original title
    La ultima huella
  • Titre international
    The last Trace
  • Scénario
    Paola Castillo, Tiziana Panizza
  • Montage
    Coti Donoso
  • Son
    Alvaro Silva W.
  • Musique
    Sergio "Tilo" González
  • Production
    Ceneca Producciones Ltda

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