Compétition internationale
46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>24, 2024, Nantes - France

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by IM Kwon-taek


Young-sin and Dong-hyuk feel like they are kindred spirits when they meet at the Student Enlightenment Movement, sponsored by a newspaper company. They promise to be among the forerunners of the rural development movement. They quit college and go to the country to give the farmers hope but they fail due to the obstruction from the landowners. Young-sin borrows a chapel and tries to teach the country children but when Japanese police impede her efforts, she grows determined to build a school.

  • Titre français
  • Original title
  • Titre international
  • Photo
    Lee suk kee
  • Montage
    Kim Hee-su
  • Musique
    Jeong Min-seob
  • Interprétation
    Han Hye-sook, Kim Hee-ra, Lee Ill-woong, Kim Hyeong-ja
  • Producteur délégué
    Park Chong-chan
  • Ventes internationales
    KOFA (Korean Film Archive) :
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage
    VOST électronique

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