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The Black Republic
(Guedeuldo Woolicholum)

by PARK Kwang-soo

Eux comme nous02

During a freezing winter, a young man who calls himself «Kim» arrives at a coal mining town. The mines, no longer profitable, are being closed down and the villagers are suspicious of the young man looking for a job who calls himself «Kim». He finally does manage to find a menial job in a factory where he meets Lee, whose father owns the factory, and Song, who works as a prostitute in the local tea-house.
Song falls in love with «Kim» and stops working as a prostitute. Lee, distraught after his mother’s death, takes revenge on Song when she refuses to make love with him again. «Kim» fights Lee to defend Song. He is arrested and released after being roughly interrogated. He and Song decide to leave town together. But, in the meantime, the police learn that «Kim» is, in fact, a student wanted for his political activities.
Lee tricks Song into delivering tea to his hotel room, where he asks her to elope with him. When she refuses and he threatens her with a knife, she accidently stabs him.
«Kim» waits for Song at the train station until the last possible moment, but Song is arrested and taken away by the police.

  • Titre français
    Eux comme nous
  • Original title
    Guedeuldo Woolicholum
  • Titre international
    The Black Republic
  • Scénario
    Yoon Dae sung, Kim Sung soo, Park Kwang soo
  • Photo
    Yoo Young gil
  • Montage
    Kim Hyun
  • Musique
    Kim Soo chul
  • Interprétation
    Moon Sung keun, Park Joong hoon, Shim Hye jin
  • Production
    Gong-A Export Co. Ltd
  • Sous-titrage

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