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Almacita, soul of desolato
(Almacita di desolato)

by Félix DE ROOY

The film is based on Caribbean legends with as theme the struggle between creative and destructive spirits, fertility and drought.The action is set on the island of Curaçao around the turn of the century, in an isolated farming community of former slaves. Desolato, as the village is known, has developed its own life style far from the white “shons”, the landowners. Solem is the priestess who has the task of protecting the spiritual welfare of the community and maintaining contact with the spirits. She has devoted herself to the community, and therefore cannot have any kind of relationship with a man…

  • Titre français
    Esprit de désolation
  • Original title
    Almacita di desolato
  • Titre international
    Almacita, soul of desolato
  • Scénario
    Norman Ph. de Palm
  • Photo
    Ernest Dickerson
  • Montage
    Ton de Graaff
  • Musique
    Grupo Issoco
  • Interprétation
    Marian Rolle, Gwendomar Roosje, Yubi Kirindongo
  • Production
    Cosmic Illusion
  • Distribution
    Seawell Films

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