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El Compadre Mendoza
(El Compadre Mendoza)

by Fernando DE FUENTES


During Mexican Revolution, the notable Rosalio Mendoza survives by making and winning favors from both factions, the governmental forces and Zapata’s Army. His hacienda welcomes everybody, and Mendoza is considered a good friend of his guests. He has fun flattering them both, changing their leaders portraits as they visit him. During a trip Mendoza meets the young Dolores and marries her. During the wedding feast, the Zapatistas prepare an ambush against the Federals. The romantic and humanist General Felipe Nieto saves his life and becomes his friend.

  • Titre français
    El Compadre Mendoza
  • Original title
    El Compadre Mendoza
  • Scénario
    Mauricio Magdaleno, Juan Bustillo Oro.
  • Photo
    Alex Phillips
  • Montage
    Fernando de Fuentes
  • Musique
    Manuel Castro Padilla
  • Interprétation
    Alfredo de Diestro, Carmen Guerrero, Antonio R. Frausto, Luis G. Berreiro, Joaguin Busquets, Emma Roldan
  • Production
    Interamericana Films S.A.
  • Ventes internationales
    Cinémathèque Mexique : UNAM José Manuel García :

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