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Death of a Virgin, and the Sin of Not Living
(Aa Amal Tiji)

by George Peter BARBARI

Four young men on their way to a first sexual experience with a prostitute.
Their chatting and boasting leave little room for more personal discussions. Indeed, this boys outing seems trimmed by a setback that is beyond words: interior monologues emerge without warning, catching on to anyone who crosses the frame, broadly tracing their life up to their death. This method is beyond any notion of explanation or psychological speculation, becoming a strange and overpowering score of biographical notes that opens up depths and closes off destinies. With this first feature film, whose writing resembles a balancing-act, George Peter Barbari plays with genres, a fluid form of road- or buddy-movie that completely refers to its existential double, a long act of drowning bathed in warm light. “I see you. Can you see me?”. FM
French Premiere

Realise in Lebanon on March 17, 2022 and on Itunes, Google Play and ONS.

  • Titre français
    Notre petite mort
  • Original title
    Aa Amal Tiji
  • Titre international
    Death of a Virgin, and the Sin of Not Living
  • Scénario
    George Peter BARBARI
  • Photo
    Karim GHORAYEB
  • Montage
    George Peter BARBARI
  • Son
    Rawad HOBEIKA, Cedric KAYEM
  • Musique
    Fadi TABBAL
  • Interprétation
    Etienne ASSAL, Adnan KHABBAZ, Elias SAAD, Jean Paul FRANGIEH, Feyrouz ABOU HASSAN, Souraya BAGHDADI
  • Production
    Bee on Set Productions
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage
    VOST électronique
  • Ratio

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