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Crime and Punishment
(Zui yu fa)

by ZHAO Liang

Crim and Punishment Zhao Liang 2

A documentary flmed on the border between North Korea and China, Crime and Punishment follows the daily life of young Chinese guards based at a police station. As in police stations the world over, they meet a range of misfts, from petty thieves to those in need of r e s c u e .  The film also capture the competition for promotion that develops between the young recruits. An X-ray of contemporary China, trying to fnd its identity, caught between progress and the rejection of change, Crime and Punishment takes us into a country undergoing total rebirth.

  • Titre français
    Crime et châtiments
  • Original title
    Zui yu fa
  • Titre international
    Crime and Punishment
  • Prix obtenus

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